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Contact: Mr. Zhou
Mobile: 15857986112
Telephone: 0086-579-82262088
Fax: 0086-579-82262268
Website: www.

Address: Zhejiang province economic development zone, the shenzhou road 666

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      Zhejiang eagle hong garden machinery co., LTD. Is located in China known as "water austral three miles, pneumatic jiang fourteen state" reputation of jinhua city.Is located in the middle of zhejiang province, eastern jin qu basin, "long triangle" economic south source, jinwen railway, 330 national road, and that the traffic trunk line, convenient;45 minutes drive from yiwu, two hours' drive from hangzhou, wenzhou, 4 hours' drive from Shanghai.

       Zhejiang Yinghong Garden Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 with registered capital of 3 million yuan, the actual investment of 30 million yuan. After several years of unremitting efforts and customer support, has become well-known domestic enterprise, the member unit of National Forestry Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, has been the sales leader in similar products for three years.    

      The company has 20 bachelor degree or above professional and technical personnel, 30 professional management staff of chain saw and other garden tools, currently employs 300 persons; the company has imported machining center, the first national brand injection molding machine, Sweden testing equipment and other high-precision processing and testing equipment. The main components are independently produced, which effectively ensures the quality of the product.  

      The company mass-produced models:

      Chain saw: 43 type, 45 type, 46 type, 48 type, 7650 type, 952 type, etc.

      Brush Cutter: CG260, CG328, CG330, CG411, CG430, CG431, CG520, BG328, BG430, BG520, etc;

      Hedge Shear: SLP600, SL750B, SL750C etc.

      The main brands are: Yingwang, Jinying, Shangdong, jinjiaashi, Longxuanfeng, Jindiao, Yinhua, Yonglong, Weifeng etc.


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